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Home Coverage

Heritage Mutual offers policies that provide outstanding protection for your most important asset — your home. We can tailor your coverage to provide the protection that you need for your home and your personal possessions. We offer a number of deductible options and discounts to aid in customizing the coverage for you. We also include liability coverage (see CPL below) against possible financial disaster from accidents or injuries occurring on your property or from your personal acts.

Farm coverage

Our farm program is designed to provide coverage for farm residences, farm structures and buildings, farm personal property, and farm liability coverage (see below). This program has been tailored with many endorsements and packages available to correctly cover the hobby farm, the traditional farm, and the large specialized farm of today. We provide an onsite survey to assist you and the agent in writing the coverage that you need.

Dwelling Coverage

The Dwelling policy is designed for town and rural dwellings, including cabins and seasonal dwellings, when the Homeguard and FarMate policies are not appropriate. May be used for owner occupied dwellings or dwellings that are rented to others. Liability (OL&T) coverage is available.

Tenant Coverage

Renters insurance (Tenant Homeguard policy) provides both liability coverage for you and your family and coverage for your personal property (both inside and outside your apartment or rented house). The landlord’s insurance policy does not cover losses to your personal property or cover you against liability claims. You need to purchase a separate policy to protect yourself.


Must be written in conjunction with a property policy

Farm Liability

The Farm-Guard™ protects the members of your household against finan¬cial disaster from accidents or injuries occurring on your farm — whether as a farm owner or tenant. The policy provides a broad range of standard coverages as well as a variety of optional coverages to customize protection to fit your farming operation.

Owners, Landlords, and Tenants Liability (OL&T)

The Owners, Landlords, and Tenants policy provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage for the listed location only. It does not provide for personal acts that occur away from the insured premises or damage to property of others. Used when personal liability is in place on another policy.

Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL)

The Comprehensive Personal Liability policy offers protection against possible financial disaster from accidents or injuries occurring on your property or from your personal acts. It is included in the Home-Guard policy.

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