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Eldora Office

1515 Edgington Ave
Eldora, IA 50627
Phone: 641.999.1900
Fax: 641.847.0006

Preston Office

P.O. Box 288 | 162 W Gillet St.
Preston, IA 52069
Phone: 563.412.3066
Toll-free: 1.800.766.7642
(in state toll free calls only)

West Union Office

PO Box 432 | 109 Adams
West Union, IA 52175
Phone: 563.422.9538
Toll-free: 866.464.4642
(in state toll free calls only)

Home-Owners Coverage

Our HomeGuard policy provides outstanding protection for your most important asset – your home. The policy includes coverage for your home and personal possessions, with a number of deductible options and discounts to customize the coverage to meet your specific needs and budget. We also include Liability coverage to protect you from financial responsibility for accidents or injuries on your property, as well as from your personal acts worldwide.

Farm Coverage

Our FarMate policy is fully customizable to cover farm homes, farm buildings, farm personal property (livestock, machinery, grain, etc.), and farm liability including custom farming activities. We have programs for hobby farms, traditional farms, large specialized farms, confinement operations, contract growers, etc. We perform a site visit to assist you and the agent in getting the proper coverages.

Dwelling Coverage

(Rental & Seasonal properties)
Our Dwelling policy is designed for rental and seasonal dwellings you own. The policy is customizable to cover the house, furnishings you own, garages, etc. Liability coverage is also available.

Tenant Coverage

Provides coverage for your personal property located in a house or apartment you rent. Also provides liability coverage for your personal acts worldwide.

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This website uses today’s technology to bring to you the information that you want, when you want it, about your insurance coverage. There was a time when neighbors helping neighbors was the most common form of insurance. “Neighbor helping Neighbor” is the spirit on which the mutual insurance industry was established here in Iowa over a century ago.

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Heritage Mutual Insurance continues this tradition by providing our policyholders comprehensive insurance protection to satisfy their property insurance needs. We pride ourselves in our exceptional service and local control. This website is just one more way we try to help our members with their insurance like a neighbor.

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