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About Us

Heritage Mutual Insurance Association is owned by the policyholders. We were founded in 1874 by rural Iowans to perpetuate the “neighbor helping neighbor” concept. Over a century of experience has made us the industry leader in farm, homeowners, and renters insurance. Our innovative products and services allow us to meet policyholders’ ever-changing needs. Local agents combine personal service with the latest technology to provide a prompt and convenient customer experience. Our claim professionals live in the territories we serve so you get fast and fair claim service. We’re rooted in local Iowa communities and are proud to support those communities through charitable giving, event sponsorship, local investing, and employment opportunities.

Our Mission: provide quality insurance products and services at stable competitive rates, and protect the association’s financial strength for the benefit of the member policyholders.

We’re proud of our Iowa Heritage and look forward to serving your insurance needs.

Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Heritage Mutual Insurance Association is held in the city of Preston, Iowa, on the second Tuesday in February each year, commencing at 1:00 pm.

Staff-West Union Office

  • Mark Dinan, Inspector/Adjuster;

  • Stacie Ruroden, Office Assistant;

  • Karissa Knutson, Office Assistant;

  • Joan Vagts, Vice President;

Staff-Preston Office

  • Terri Krogman, Office Assistant;

  • Kathy Schmidt, Office Assistant;

  • Michael Peterson, Inspector;

  • Bill Lampe, Prez/Treas;

  • Rick Sieverding, Adjuster;

  • Steve Haxmeier, Inspector;

  • Terry Reuter, Underwriter/Inspector.