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About Us

Heritage Mutual Insurance Association has historical roots that date back to 1874. The name of Heritage Mutual came into being on January 1, 2014 with the merger of Preston Mutual Insurance Association of Preston, Iowa and German Mutual Insurance Association of West Union, Iowa. The county mutual concept of working together with neighbor helping neighbor remains the focus of the company moving forward.  As in the past you can rely on your agent and Heritage Mutual like a neighbor.

» German Mutual Historical Information

» Preston Mutual Historical Information — Coming Soon!

The proud history of Preston Mutual and German Mutual both trace their beginnings to the dedication and foresight of a group of individuals who banded together to provide a valuable service to the people of rural Iowa as the state was being developed in the 1870’s. The foresight of these individuals has been carried forward to today with the merging of the two companies to continue the offering of insurance products to meet the property insurance needs of today.

Soon we will have available detailed information on the history of these two companies. While the roots of an organization are important, the dedication and commitment to providing the best product and service for our policyholders in the future is our primary goal. 

Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of the Heritage Mutual Insurance Association is held in the city of Preston, Iowa, on the second Tuesday in February each year, commencing at 1:00 pm.

Staff-West Union Office

L to R: Mark Dinan, Inspector/Adjuster; Stacie Brockway, Office Assitant; Joan Vagts, Vice President; Richard Hartkemeyer, Vice President.

Staff-Preston Office

Front L to R: Terri Krogman, Office Assistant; Kathy Schmidt, Office Assistant; Shelly Smithson, Office Assistant; Devin Schmidt, Inspector

Back L to R: Bill Lampe, Prez/Treas; Rick Sieverding, Adjuster; Steve Haxmeier, Inspector; Terry Reuter, Underwriter/Inspector.


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